The most common problems with playing our lessons are:

Bad quality video

Problem: the lessons are shown in a lower quality. The image is not sharp, and the sound is not good.

Cause: we use a technique that makes sure that the lessons keep playing, even with lower internet speed. The quality of the image is adjusted to the internet speed at that moment. This happens, for example, with Wi-Fi networks with bad reception and mobile data networks with fluctuating internet speed.

Possible solution(s):

  1. Use a network cable: connect the device you play your lessons on to the internet with a network cable.
  2. Improve Wi-Fi connection: use a Wi-Fi enhancer to improve the signal of your Wi-Fi connection in the place where you are following your lessons.

Have you tried the options above, and are there still problems with playing the videos? Then it is a good idea to contact the service or person that installed your home network.

Video won’t start

Problem: even though you can use our website just fine, the videos won’t start.

Cause: we do everything we can to make sure that our lessons can be played on as many different devices and as many different browsers as possible. Despite that, it’s possible that you are using a device/browser that is not (yet) supported.

Possible solution(s): try to use one of the supported browsers/devices.

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