Cancel membership via website

If you want to stop using your CycleMasters membership, you can cancel your membership.  Did you register via the CycleMasters website? Then this is the place to cancel. 

Cancel on our website
If you no longer want to make use of our offer, you can cancel your membership. Your account will be removed, and all of your information and history will be lost. If you decide to start again at a later time, you will have to create a new membership. To cancel your membership, you can go to the page ‘My account’ on our website, where you can follow the instructions to cancel. As soon as you cancel your membership, your account will automatically be closed at the end of your current invoice period. If you want to make sure that we have no data related to your membership, you can send a request to We will then, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the 28th of May 2018, delete all of your data. 

Cancellation period
You can cancel your membership whenever you want. We do not have a cancellation term. Whenever you cancel your membership, you can make use of the lesson offer until the end of that period.

If you want to cancel temporarily, then choose to pause your membership.

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