Connect Bluetooth HR Sensor to the IC8

The bike is equipped to be able to receive a signal from a Bluetooth® Heart Rate (HR) Monitor. Follow the instructions provided with your Bluetooth® HR monitor to activate the Bluetooth paring mode. If your Bluetooth® HR monitor is in paring mode, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Put on your Bluetooth® Heart Rate monitor and activate it.
  2. Push the Bluetooth® button on the Console. The Console will actively search for any monitors in the area, and will rapidly flash the Bluetooth® Heart Rate Monitor Connected icon. 
  3. When connected, the Bluetooth® Heart Rate Monitor Connected icon will flash with your pulse and your current heart rate value will be displayed on the Console. You are now ready to workout. At the end of your workout, push the Connect Bluetooth® Heart Rate button to disconnect your HR monitor from the Console.

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