Connect to external services

It's possible to connect your CycleMasters account to external services such as Strava and Google Fit. After connecting to these services you can synchronize the details of your completed workout. In this article, we'll tell you all about the possibilities and how to connect or disconnect.

Connecting/disconnecting from external services

Connecting to external services is currently only possible via our (mobile) website. Connection to external services via the iOS or Android app will become available later. Thus, the steps described in this guide apply to the use of the website. To connect to one of the available services, follow the next steps:
  1. In the main menu, go to 'My Profile'.
  2. In the submenu choose 'Profile settings'.
  3. Choose 'Connect to [name of service]'.
  4. You will be redirected to the respective service where you can confirm your connection

Once connected via the (mobile) website, every workout followed via the app will also be synchronized with Strava or Google Fit.

If you want to disconnect, follow the steps above and choose 'disconnect' at the chosen service.

Synchronizing activities

You can connect to Strava and/or Google Fit (coming soon). If connected, your CycleMasters workout data will be synced with these platforms. After a workout, the data from your workout will be synced automatically*. The overview below shows which data is synced with which service.
Value Strava Google Fit
Workout name x
Workout details x
Date/Time x x
Duration x x
Distance x
Average speed x
Calories burned x x

*Please note:that it can take up to 8 hours for a synced workout to be visible in your Strava account.

Change details after your workout

At the end of your workout, you will see an overview of the details of your workout. Some of these details are estimated values based on calculations of averages of similar workouts. We show you an estimate of the distance (+ average speed) and calories burned. If you have your own equipment such as a bike computer, smartwatch or heart rate belt that you use during a workout, you can change the estimated values. You do this as follows:
  1. Go to 'My Profile' > 'My History' and choose 'Overview' for a workout
  2. In the workout overview, choose "Change"
  3. Enter your own values and choose 'Change & Send'
  4. The updated details of your workout will be resynchronized with the connected services

It is also possible to change the details of your workout at a later time. Via 'My Profile' > 'My History' you will find an overview of the workouts you have followed and you can view the workout overview via the 'Overview' button. Then, you can still adjust and synchronize your details by following the steps above.

Synchronizing workouts from the past

It is also possible to synchronize workouts that you have followed before connecting to one of the available services. To sync a workout from the past follow these steps:
  1. Go to 'My Profile' > 'My History' and choose 'Overview' for a workout
  2. In the workout overview, choose 'Send' 
  3. The (updated) details of your workout will be synchronized with the connected services

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