Verification Payment method

Have you recently received an e-mail from us asking you to verify your payment details? Are you wondering if this is correct and not a phishing case? Below, we explain why we send this email and why it is important to verify your payment details. Do you still have questions? Please call us on +3185 888 2853.

Strong Customer Authentication
In 2019, new regulations were introduced in Europe that make Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) mandatory for most online payments. This means CycleMasters is required to verify your payment details through an extra authentication step. This extra step is to prevent fraud and to protect you even better as a customer.  Without this authentication, payments to CycleMasters may be rejected by your bank and your membership will be terminated.
Recurring payment exemption
Because CycleMasters charges a recurring membership fee, we automatically request an exemption for subsequent payments with the authentication. If the bank accepts the exemption, then you as the customer will not need to authenticate these payments monthly. However, these exemptions are not guaranteed by your bank. It is therefore possible that you will receive an email from us during your current membership to verify your payment details. 
Authentication with CycleMasters is done as follows: 
When you sign up
When you sign up with CycleMasters, you add your payment details in step 2 of the registration process. You will then be redirected to the payment page of your bank. Here you also give CycleMasters automatic permission to debit your account or credit card during your membership.
Via email
You will receive an email from CycleMasters asking you to verify your payment details according to SCA regulations. 
Recurring request to verify payment details
The instruction to verify payment details is given by the bank. If it occurs that you are repeatedly asked to verify your payment details, please contact your bank. This could be because there is not enough balance in the account or your card has expired. 

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