Playback issues with an Apple TV (AirPlay)

If you are having problems with AirPlay, there could be several causes. In some cases, you may experience problems playing our Scenic Ride workouts. A brief technical explanation here: Our Scenic Rides are recorded at 50 frames per second, which results in very smooth, high-quality footage. This is much higher than standard Youtube content, for example, which is normally recorded at 25 or 29,997 frames per second. It could be that your Apple TV is set to, say, 30Hz or 60Hz (Hertz). Refresh rate or refresh rate is the rate at which the content on a screen is rebuilt. The refresh rate is expressed in Hertz (number of times per second)

Here are some possible solutions:

1. Set Apple TV to 50Hz

  • Press "Menu" on the Apple TV remote control.
  • Then press 'Settings' in the menu.
  • Then choose "Audio and Video.
  • Under "Video," choose the "Resolution" setting.
  • Under resolution, choose 1080p 50hz.

2. If you are using a Samsung TV - change the Auto Motion Plus setting to 'Clear / Led Clear Motion'.

  • Go to settings > 'picture
  • Then press 'Expert Settings' in the menu.
  • Then choose 'Auto Motion Plus settings'.
  • Under 'Auto Motion Plus', choose the setting 'Custom'.
  • Then choose the 'LED Clear Motion' setting.

3. Reboot your device

A quick reboot is a small effort and often solves every conceivable problem. You can restart your iPhone by pressing the appropriate buttons. For the Apple TV, you may want to unplug the power cable for a while. But you can also go through the menu to Settings > System > Reboot. It takes a few minutes before the Apple TV is ready to use again.

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