How does a business membership work?

In order to make CycleMasters workouts available to your members, a business membership and commercial license are required. With this membership, your members can participate unlimitedly in both Cycling, Strength, and Yoga workouts. This provides them the flexibility to exercise at times that suit them best. With our extensive team of coaches, you not only expand your offerings but also immediately create more value for your members.

There are three ways to play CycleMasters in your club:

  • Through CycleMasters, ideal for single clubs, companies with an in-house fitness space, or small chains with their own hardware
  • Through FunXtion, perfect for larger chains. Virtual Player, Multiscreen Solution & MemberApp solutions
  • Through Wexer, perfect for larger chains. Wexer Virtual, Web Player/App & SDK/API solutions

Registration via CycleMasters

You start a membership with CycleMasters via the website. After signing up, you will be directed to the admin environment. Here, you first create a username. Within this admin account, you can manage all matters related to your membership, payments, and login details.

You also have the option to add a maximum of 3 devices where you want to play the workouts. These 'devices' will have their own username and password, and with these login details, you can log in to the app (iOS or Android), where you can select and play the workouts.

Registration via FunXtion

FunXtion offers a multifunctional solution to optimize the use of space in your club, with the ability to fully customize it in your brand's style. Read more here.

Registration via Wexer

Wexer offers a digital platform with advanced integrations. Working with 4000+ fitness clubs in over 50 countries. Read more here.

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