How can I play the lessons at my gym?

Playing the workouts is easy. Use a laptop, tablet, or phone for that. For the optimal experience, we recommend, for example, the Lenovo Tab M10. This tablet offers excellent performance and image quality, allowing your members to enjoy the workouts effortlessly.

Create the ultimate experience

For a larger screen experience, for example, on a TV, for your members, the Google Chromecast Ultra - Media Streamer is an excellent choice. Combined with the tablet, your members can experience the training sessions in full glory on a larger screen, making the experience more intense. With a Tablet wall mount, you can securely attach the tablet near your set-up so that members can start the workouts themselves whenever they want.


For the best sound in your cycling room, we recommend the Vogel's Sound 3550 or the Sony HT-SF150 for the ultimate experience.

If you need support, our employees are ready to help you during office hours. Feel free to contact us at 085 888 28 53.

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