Kiosk Mode App - Lenovo M10

If you are using a Lenovo M10 Tablet, you can use a feature called 'kiosk Mode' or 'App Pinning'. This allows the CycleMasters app to run in the foreground, and you can set the tablet so that users only have access to the app and cannot navigate to other apps or settings.

Here are the steps to set this up:

1. Setting up Kiosk Mode:

- Go to Settings on your Lenovo M10 tablet.

- Look for Security.

- Look for Screen Pinning and enable it.

2. App Pinning:

- Open the CycleMasters app.

- Press the Recent apps button (square) to show all open apps.

- Tap on the CycleMasters app icon and select Pin.

3. Limited Profiles:

- Go to Settings > Accounts > Multiple Users.

- Tap on New user or profile and select Limited profile.

- Enable only the CycleMasters app for this profile.

With these settings, the CycleMasters app will always stay in the foreground and users cannot navigate to other apps or settings.

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