Advice about buying an Indoor Cycling bike

To follow a CycleMasters lesson, you need an Indoor Cycling bike. Below you can find some points of attention for buying an Indoor Cycling bike.

The resistance system

In general, there are two well-known systems. One of those is the felt-block. With this system, there is a felt-block above the flywheel. The harder this presses against the wheel, the stronger the resistance will get.  Another option is for the resistance to be set magnetically, this can be done internally and externally.

The differences in operation are as follows; an Indoor Cycling bike with a felt-block resistance system tends to be more modestly priced than comparable Indoor Cycling bikes with magnetic resistance systems. It also provides stepless resistance-adjustment; however, it does need to be replaced approximately twice a year.  To keep them from resisting too hard against the flywheel they also need to be lubricated with a silicon-based oil now and then.  Another difference, often viewed as a disadvantage, is the fact that this system is audible because of the felt-block psychically touching the flywheel. To stop the flywheel from spinning, the resistance knob needs to be pressed, which presses the felt-block against the flywheel. The resistance lever does not show levels of resistance for it has no indication or scale on it.

Next up is the magnetic resistance system, the biggest difference with the felt-block system is the fact that there is no friction due to nothing touching the flywheel. This system works on the Eddy Current-principle, the flywheel travels freely between the magnets. The distance between the two is set by using the resistance lever or buttons. Because of this, these Indoor Cycling bikes are nearly noiseless and need close to no maintenance. These bicycles are fitted with a resistance indicator, which comes in handy when you want to know exactly what resistance you are training at. To stop the flywheel from spinning, caliper style pads are fitted. A common comment on this system, however, is the fact that -when your cadence rises- the resistance rises with it.

The actuator

Aside from the resistance, the actuator of the Indoor Cycling bike is very important. This can be made with a chain or an industrial V-belt. Just like with a normal bicycle, a chain makes noise, and a V-belt does not. Aside from that, it is necessary to spray a chain with silicon spray after some time. A V-belt, on the other hand, does not require any maintenance.

The weight of the flywheel

Another important aspect is the weight of the flywheel. This weight is important because the flywheel makes the rotating movement and determines the resistance. The heavier the flywheel, the bigger the reach of the resistance.

The weight of an Indoor Cycling bike

Of course, the weight of the equipment itself is important because this determines the stability of the equipment. The heavier the bike is, the more stable it will be. You will especially notice this during specific exercises, like doing a climb in standing position. For complete advice when buying an Indoor Cycling bike, you should contact a specialty store.

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