Advice about buying an Indoor Cycling bike

To be able to take a CycleMasters class you need an Indoor Cycling bike. You can find this in our webshop, but maybe you first want to know more about the specifications to pay attention to. Below you will find some points to consider when purchasing an Indoor Cycling bike.

The resistance system

Generally there are two well-known systems. One of them is the felt-block. In this system, there is a felt block above the flywheel. The harder it presses against the flywheel, the heavier the resistance becomes. Another method is to adjust the resistance magnetically, this can be done internally and externally. The differences in use are as follows; an Indoor Cycling bike with a felt block as a resistance system is generally cheaper than a similar model with magnetic resistance. A felt block also provides smooth and constant resistance, however, it needs to be replaced approximately every six months. A felt block wears out and releases fibers/dust. Additionally, such a block needs to be periodically lubricated with silicone-based oil. Furthermore, a disadvantage is that this system makes noise due to the physical contact with the flywheel. To stop the flywheel immediately, the resistance knob is pressed causing the felt block to press against the flywheel. The resistance knob does not have an indicator.

Now the pros and cons of a magnetic resistance system; the biggest difference is that magnetic resistance systems do not make physical contact with the flywheel. These systems work through the Eddy current principle. The flywheel rotates between two magnets whose distance is regulated by the resistance knob. As a result, these systems are virtually noiseless and require minimal maintenance. Also, such an Indoor Cycling bike is equipped with a resistance indicator, allowing you to precisely estimate what resistance level you have trained on. To stop the flywheel, brake pads are placed. A possible downside is that, with an electronically controlled resistance system, the resistance increases as your cadence goes up.

The drive

In addition to the resistance, the drive of the Indoor Cycling bike is very important. This can be done through a chain or an industrial V-belt. A chain, like on a regular bike, makes noise, a V-belt does not. It is also necessary to lubricate a chain over time with silicone spray. In contrast, a V-belt requires no maintenance.

The weight of the flywheel

Another important aspect is the weight of the flywheel. This weight is important because the rotating motion is created with the flywheel and the resistance is determined. The heavier the flywheel, the greater the range of resistance.

The weight of the Indoor Cycling bike

The weight of the device itself is of course important because it is related to the stability of the device. The heavier the bike, the more stable it stands. You mainly notice this during certain exercises, such as a standing climb. For a complete advice when purchasing an Indoor Cycling bike, it is best to contact a specialty store.

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