Recommended internet speed

Several factors influence the image quality of the CycleMasters content, such as the device it plays on, the available bandwidth, the speed of your internet connection and your location. Based on the standard playback settings, content is not played in HD-quality via mobile networks. How long it takes before CycleMasters content is played depends on multiple factors, including your location, the configuration of your (CycleMasters compatible) device, the selected content and the bandwidth which is available at that moment. We are using the connection speeds below as a guideline:

  • 0.5 megabit per second – Required speed of broadband connection
  • 1.5 megabit per second – Recommended speed of broadband connection
  • 3.0 megabit per second – Recommended speed for SD quality
  • 5.0 megabit per second – Recommended speed for HD quality

CycleMasters is a streaming service. The lessons are streamed via the internet, not downloaded. So you need a connection with the internet for as long as you follow a lesson.

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