Dynamic Interface

A dynamic interface is added to all the Studio Rides and Scenic Rides released as from November '21. This means that you can determine which data to view during the course.

Web vs. App
The dynamic interface is available for users following workouts via the website. If you are using the app, then you can use the interface only when also using a Chromecast. Directly displaying the dynamic interface on your smartphone or tablet PC is currently in development.

What data is available?
The dynamic interface lets you choose from the following data to display on-screen:

● Track Notifications, artist and current track name

● Phase Notifications, keep track of which phase of the course you are in

● Workout Interface, how many calories have you burned, what are the current and upcoming track zones, what is the desired heart rate, and how much time is remaining on the current track

● Remaining workout time

Choose which data to display on-screen using the gear at the bottom-right of your screen, which lets you select and deselect the various components. These settings are saved to ensure you start your next workout with the same data display.

Please note that if you want to use the dynamic interface in the app, in combination with a Chromecast, all components of the dynamic interface are automatically selected by user. If you want to deactivate certain components, sign in to your account in a web environment. Start a video with dynamic display and switch off the components you prefer not to be shown. From that point on, these components will no longer show up when starting up a course in the app.

Which courses use the dynamic interface?
Workouts with the dynamic interface are identified by the icon with 6 dots shown on the workout image in the course overview on the website. In addition, the course detail page now has a ‘dynamic interface’ tag. Select this tag to display a list of workouts with this functionality. Lastly, the workouts are also displayed on your personal dashboard as a separate category.

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