Is Indoor Cycling for me?

There are several reasons why you want to follow Indoor Cycling workouts. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your stamina or strengthen your muscles. Indoor Cycling allows you to work towards your goals in a varied way. Just like any other form of cardio, Indoor Cycling is good for your mood. A reason to choose Indoor Cycling is that it is a lot less stressful for your joints and muscles than for example running. The combination of professional instructors and music during the workouts at home will motivate you to get the most out of your workouts and exercise in a safe way.

You choose who you like from our range of instructors, each one has his own style of teaching and music. You can also choose from different types of workouts and programs. More information about the different lessons can be found here. We regularly add new workouts and programs and later this year, in addition to the Indoor Cycling workouts, we will also add Core workouts that you can follow. 

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