What kind of workouts do you offer?

At CycleMasters you can find a complete range of Indoor Cycling workouts, Strength workouts, and supportive Yoga sessions. 

Indoor Cycling Workouts

The Indoor Cycling workouts are divided into various categories.

  • Scenic Rides: In your workout, you will ride in places like 'Passo dello Stelvio' in Italy or 'Col du Portet' in France. If you love nature and like to combine it with a challenging workout, choose the Scenic Rides!
  • Studio Rides: During a Studio Ride, you will experience the workout as you would in a cycling studio. Follow an Interval, HIIT, or Endurance Ride and get carried away by the music and studio lights. 
  • Bootcamp Rides: Combine Indoor Cycling with strength training during a Bootcamp Ride. You start the workout on the bike for a cardio session. Then, you work with the instructor to improve your strength. This is the ultimate total body workout.

Strength Workouts

During the short strength workouts, you focus on your strength and stability. The workouts are categorized into Core, Booty, and Total Body.

Stretch & Relax (Yoga)

The Yoga classes are divided into sessions suitable for right after a cycling workout and standalone lessons that you can add to your training schedule. Yoga focuses on relaxation, breathing, and flexibility. The combination of Yoga and Cycling provides balance, health, and tranquility. With Yoga, you're not just training your core or leg muscles, but you're engaging your whole body.


You can also follow one of the different programs. A program consists of multiple lessons with a specific progression over a certain period. This allows beginners, for example, to start Indoor Cycling easily and responsibly.

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