Structure and content of the lessons

Our lessons are available in varieties of 20, 30, 45 and 90 minutes. The lessons are separated into various categories and intensity levels so that you can always find a lesson that suits you.

Lesson types

Scenic Ride

Let yourself be transported into beautiful landscapes and famous cycling routes in Europe. During your workout, you will ride on the ''Passo Dello Stelvio'' in Italy or the ''Col du Portet'' in France. Do you love nature, and would you like to combine this with a solid workout? Then choose the Scenic Rides!

Beat Ride

A new complete body workout to the rhythm of exciting music; that's Beat Ride. This unique concept comes from trendy cycling studios in London. Do you like exercising to music, and your goals are to build strength and burn fat? Then Beat Ride is the lesson for you!

Signature Ride

Every trainer has their own style of teaching and choice of music. In the new Signature Ride lessons, you choose which trainer and style appeals to you the most. These lessons are recorded in our own studio, and you can follow them both live and on-demand!


  • HIIT – Short lessons of 20 minutes with high intensity
  • Cardio Interval – Lessons of 20, 30 or 45 minutes
  • Endurance – Lessons of 90 minutes

The intensity of the lesson
The intensity levels of lessons give an indication of the intensity of a full lesson. The beginner level is the least intense, Advanced Plus is the most intense.

Intensity per music track
The intensity of the exercises in a music track is indicated with power levels. For every track, you see a power level on the screen which indicates how intense this part of the lesson is. Power level 1 is the least intense, power level 5 is the most intense.

Yoga sessions

Complementing the Indoor Cycling classes, you can also take Yoga sessions. These classes are available in 20 minutes as well as 50 minutes. These classes can be followed on each level, but for absolute beginners, there is also a beginners class available. In this class, the basic exercises will be explained to you. 
Lesson types
After Workout sessions
The 20-minute Yoga classes are ideal to take after your cycling workout when your body is warm and full of tension. In 20 minutes you make sure that your body relaxes again and goes into recovery mode. 
Theme classes
The 50-minute classes can be taken as a stand-alone class and are structured according to various themes. There are classes especially for the morning or evening, focused on the back, neck, and shoulders or with the focus on recovery. These Yoga sessions can be taken on rest days or as a replacement for your strength training. 

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