Heartrate indication & RPM

During every lesson, the recommended percentage of your maximum heart rate is shown on the screen via the music track. This is an indication of the intensity at that moment, and it is connected to the power level of the music track. The heart rate zones are as follows:

  • Power level 1 - Heart rate at 50 - 60% of maximum heart rate
  • Power level 2 - Heart rate at 60 - 70% of maximum heart rate
  • Power level 3 - Heart rate at 70 - 80% of maximum heart rate
  • Power level 4 - Heart rate at 80 - 90% of maximum heart rate
  • Power level 5 - Heart rate at 90 - 100% of maximum heart rate

You can calculate an indication of your maximum heart rate with the formula: 220 – your age = maximum heart rate. Do you not have a heart rate meter? Listen well to the instructor. Based on breathing you can also get a good indication of whether you are cycling at the right intensity level.

During the lesson, the RPM values of the instructor are shown on the screen. RPM stands for Revolutions Per Minute, and it shows how high the pedaling frequency is at that moment. If you have a bicycle with an RPM meter, you can see if you have the right pedaling frequency.

Please note: The heart rate zones, RPM values and the instructions by the instructor are only indicators. Signals from your own body are the most important. CycleMasters is in no way accountable for any physical harm as a result of following the instructors in the CycleMasters lessons.

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